Store your bags in the center of Bilbao

Are you coming on a trip? 54 meters from the airport bus stop. Forget about your luggage using our automated lockers and enjoy Bilbao. Forget about your luggage using our automated luggage lockers and enjoy Bilbao.


We offer insurance that covers losses due to theft of up to €500 per locker.

Consigna de equipaje 24 h en el centro de Bilbao


We have two cameras connected 24 hours a day. They will record the interior of the premises at all times.

Consignas maletas

Unlimited use

Once the reservation is made, you can both enter and leave the premises and open and close the box office, as many times as necessary.


Choose the date and the size of the locker.
Then make the reservation.


Enter the code that we have sent you to the email on the door panel. Re-enter the code on the inside screen.


Keep your suitcase, close the locker
and enjoy.

Consignas maletas

Locker in the center of Bilbao to store luggage

Our lockers come in two different sizes and adapt to your circumstances, whether you have a boarding suitcase or a large suitcase. Store your luggage and suitcases in our lockers and enjoy being in the center of Bilbao.