Conditions of sale and contract

This document is constituted as Conditions of Use (hereinafter, the “Conditions of Use”) that regulate the access, browsing and use of the website located at URL (hereinafter referred to as “The Website”), is the property of Iñigo Casado Martinez – Fernando Peña Torre – Alfredo Peña Martinez CB (hereafter “Lockherenow”).

Iñigo Casado Martinez – Fernando Peña Torre – Alfredo Peña Martinez CB
Registered Office: Calle Ercilla, 44-PB, 48011 Bilbao
Address: Calle Almeda Recalde 15, Bilbao
Telf: 685 75 27 27
E-mail address:

Lockherenow is an automated locker store that offers users to rent lockers for storage. Booking periods are established on the basis of calendar days, excluding the possibility of making reservations for periods of 24 hours.

The following are the slogan sizes and the price per day.

Medium size (M)
6,50€ – day

ExtraLarge Size (XL):
12,00€ – day

In the event of any kind of blockage or breakdown, users have the following telephone number at their disposal +34 685 75 27 27 and/or e-mail

The booking process is as follows:
1. Go to or scan the QR code.
2. Choose the size, date and duration. Make a reservation.
3. Use the code we send you by email to access the venue and open the ticket office during the reserved time.
4. Enjoy Bilbao.

Payment procedures by means of the website located at the URL will be by VISA, MAESTRO or MATERCARD

The contract may be concluded in Spanish only.

Price includes VAT.

Limits on the use of slogans:

The use of the lockers must be to deposit goods belonging to the user making the booking.
No unlawful purpose or means shall be authorised through the use of the slogans.
No food or odour-producing objects may be brought into the lockers.
In the event of using the locker to deposit goods to be collected by a third party, the user who has contracted the service shall be responsible for any event that may occur.
The user may not remain on the premises for longer than is necessary to deposit or remove his or her belongings.
The user may not eat or drink on the premises.
It is not permitted to introduce goods of special value (jewellery, electronic devices, etc.) and the user is responsible for such action.
No photography or video is allowed on the premises. It is also not permitted to take any photographs or videos of the security devices.

Liability of the user in case of non-compliance with his obligations

The user shall indemnify Lockherenow for any damages resulting from the breach of the relevant obligations in this contract.

Failure to meet rental deadlines

The user must empty the rented locker(s) before the expiry date of the requested rental period. Otherwise, Lockherenow shall be authorised to access thelockers in order to free them up and allow other users to use them.
Lockherenow will try to contact the user who has failed to comply with the rental period in order to return the packages and the user must pay 20€ for each of the days of delay. Lockherenow will temporarily store the packages untilafter fifteen days without having been able to contact the User. The goods shall be deemed to have been abandoned by the User for all purposes. If necessary, Lockherenow will no longer keep them and will dispose of them as it sees fit.


Lockherenow is responsible for the transactions. The security applied is SSL ( The data is entered on a secure page.

On Lockherenow we wish you satisfaction with your recruitment. Therefore, we provide you with the option to cancel it (withdrawal). This right of withdrawal must be exercised 24 hours before the date on which the booked service begins. You must notify us of your decision to withdraw by emailing

The refund of the purchase amount will be made once the status of the contract has been checked, through the same means of payment used for the purchase and, in any case, within a maximum of 14 calendar days from the reliable receipt of the cancellation request. The costs arising from the exercise of the right of withdrawal shall be borne by the purchaser.

Cancellations must be made 24 hours before the start of the booked service, after this time it will not be possible to cancel. Should any user have any questions about the cancellation policy, or any comments, please write to

Minimum age of purchase

The minimum age of purchase is 18 years.

Delivery policy

The delivery of the security code to open the door and the locker will be done by e-mail within 5 minutes.

Inappropriate use of slogans

Lockherenow reserves the right to remove any object that does not comply with the regulations and is authorised to call the police and report the conduct. The User is responsible for all objects in the luggage room that he/she has booked. In any case, the removal of the prohibited packages will lead to a penalty of 200 euros.

Damage to slogans

The user shall be liable for any damage caused to the lockers. The user will not only have to pay for the physical damage caused to the lockers, but also for any future losses that may occur for each day that the lockers are unusable. The cost of repair or replacement is set at €1500 per locker.

Payment of penalties

The penalties must be paid by the user by bank transfer to the account indicated by Lockherenow.

Lockherenow’s obligations

Lockherenow is obliged to resolve any incident that may arise in the use of the slogans.

Lockherenow’s limit of liability

Lockherenow is not responsible for the custody of the packages. The user is solely responsible for the goods included in the rented lockers. Notwithstanding the above, in the event of theft, Lockherenow has taken out an insurance contract in favour of the Users that covers losses due to theft up to a maximum of €500 per locker. This insurance does not cover the loss of money, jewellery, precious stones or metals, watches, plasma screens and in general technological objects (LCD, GPS navigators, mobile phones, computers, tablets), works of art, antiques, memory cards or any other media containing data or images.


If the User considers that he/she has grounds for a complaint, he/she may do so by sending an e-mail to the following address:
From Lockherenow we will try to solve the incident and to look for a satisfactory solution for the parts.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Conditions are governed by Spanish law. The parties submit to Spanish jurisdiction to resolve any dispute arising in connection with this Agreement.