Art and museums in Bilbao

Best museums in Bilbao

Welcome to the city of art and culture! Bilbao is a top-class tourist destination known for its impressive architecture, exquisite cuisine, and, of course, its museums. If you’re a lover of art, history, or science, you’re in luck because Bilbao has a great variety of museums that will leave you speechless. Here are some of the best museums in Bilbao!

Guggenheim Bilbao Museum

If there is one museum in Bilbao that takes all the spotlight, it is the Guggenheim Museum. This modern building, designed by architect Frank Gehry, is a work of art in itself. With its impressive architecture and world-class contemporary art collection, the Guggenheim Museum is a must-see landmark for any visitor. If you want to impress your friends on Instagram, you can’t miss the famous Puppy, the giant flower dog that welcomes you at the entrance. We advise you to stop by our luggage storage office located at Alameda Recalde nº15.

 So you can enjoy Bilbao without having to carry your luggage. We are located just 2 minutes walk from the Guggenheim, very close to the Moyua metro station and next to the bus stop that leads to Bilbao airport.


Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

If you prefer classical art, the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum is the perfect place for you. This museum has a collection of painting and sculpture that spans from the 13th century to the present day, with works by famous artists such as El Greco, Velázquez, Zurbarán, and Goya. Additionally, the building that houses the museum is a former train station that has been remodeled and converted into an impressive exhibition space.

Itsasmuseum Bilbao

Are you a lover of boats and maritime history? Then the Ría de Bilbao Maritime Museum is the perfect place for you.

This museum will take you through the history of Bilbao as a commercial and fishing port, with a wide variety of artifacts, models, and tools related to navigation and fishing. Additionally, you can board some historic boats and feel like a true captain.

Bilbao Museum of Reproductions

If you’re an art lover but don’t have enough budget to visit museums in Paris or Rome, don’t worry. The Bilbao Museum of Reproductions has a collection of reproductions of some of the world’s most famous works of art, such as the Milo’s Venus or Michelangelo’s David. You can see these masterpieces without leaving Bilbao!

As summary, Bilbao’s museums are a must-visit for any visitor to the city. With their wide variety of themes and artistic styles, these museums will offer you a unique and exciting experience. So don’t hesitate to visit them and enjoy the art, history, and science of the city!